Event Operations

Our team of event advisors wants to join you at your next event. Enlist Event Ops to help you run everything from equipment training to entry logistics. Event Ops is ready for the most complex event because, we know that sometimes a phone call isn’t enough.

When you need admissions technology backed by expert training and thorough testing before the event

When you need guidance and logistics from people who have managed on-site operations for all types of events.

When you need a friendly, experienced crew to move a massive crowd through the gates.

Need help managing an incoming crowd? Ticket Daddy would be more than happy to help! We have years of experience managing event operations of any size – for events of a few hundred people to the tens of thousands. You can count on our team to improvise and support you throughout your event from start to finish. Whether you need a team of ticket scanners or seat escorts, our team of event professionals will help you make sure your event runs seamlessly and smoothly. With TicketDaddy Event Operations, you’ll have more than tickets — On-site training, equipment testing, even IT network support are all part of the Event Ops service. You’ll have total confidence that you’re providing the best experience for your customers. Event Ops is obsessed with your success.